sjw portraitI illustrate, I design, and now I write. I love being an artist, a mom and a wife. I’m a small town girl, living in the big city, and I love most everything about being Minnesotan (except the mosquitoes)!

That’s it, in a nutshell. If you want to know the nitty gritty, read on…

The media I use for illustrating are ink and my crow quill pen, acrylic and watercolor. I LOvE color and stripes and characters that smile back when I draw them! I’ve started writing children’s books, and am having fun trying on this new approach to creativity.

Some of my projects include illustrating and designing children’s books, specialty books, and paintings that hang on walls of Minnesota’s, South Dakota’s, and China’s children’s hospitals and clinics. I even got to design a Frango mints candy box! My work has hung in art shows around MN.

I’ve always loved to draw. I remember copying “Ziggy” comics when I was little and always creating or inventing something. I remember being mesmerized while watching¬†PBS/Bob Ross make pine trees with snow, and how it looked so cool. Then I realized I could actually paint at age 17 when I took my first painting class in school. I remember learning how to mix flesh tones with primary colors. It was amazing! I signed up for as many art classes as I could. A door unlocked for me… So when I graduated, I went to college to be an accountant! (Yeah, pressure of practicality and fear maybe. Thank goodness THAT didn’t work out.) The obvious was waiting for me and I made the switch. I had so much fun studying studio arts at Hamline University (St. Paul, MN), and in Florence, Italy. The highlight of college was prepping and putting on my student art show. I graduated with honors, and was awarded the notable Elisa A. Drew Painting Award.

I found out about the world of illustration by taking classes around town at the Altelier Lack, and Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I got married somewhere in there and taught art to kids (ages 5-8) at The Art Academy in St. Paul for many years until I became a mom. Now I’ve got two great kiddos, who sometimes drive me crazy!

I am a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and CBIG (Children’s Book Illustrators Guild of MN).

So, this is me, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


My creative process:

The stages of my work… sketch, ink, then watercolor wash and/or acrylic:

Eleies SKETCH EleINK300pxEleies painted


My past clients include:

Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Beaver’s Pond Press, Amoena, Park Nicollet Foundation, Sanford Children’s Hospital (Sioux Falls, SD), Sanford Clinic (Kunming, China), Purple Frog Publishing, Independent authors, Marshall Fields, You’re It, Paint-a-thon, Counselor Realty, Edina Realty, League of Catholic Women, Feather Rock Books, Mirage Advertising, Viking Magazine, MSP Magazine, Ehlert Publishing, Best Buy, The Dragonfly Project, Angel Foundation, PICA/Head Start, Painter Maps, Capital City Lights-St. Paul, IDS Center, Retail Marketing Group, QRS Diagnostics, Study Dynamics, Pazzobello Flowers, Initially Yours Monogramming



All images copyright © Sara J. Weingartner. All rights reserved.

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